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Meet Antique Alchemy's Nephew Gabriel

Hi Fans, Followers and Friends This is my 2 year old Nephew Gabriel. Baby Gabe was just diagnosed with B cell Acute Lymphoid Leukaemia this month and has been going through chemo among other invasive treatments since the diagnosis. We are doing a Fundraiser on Go Fund me to supplement lost income, cost of meals, gas, parking plus all the costs that have come up for my Sister and Brother in Law. Please anything you can do would be amazing even 5$ Every cent helps! If you are in Belleville things like Restaurant cards, Pre-loaded visas, Baby wipes, Diapers would also be appreciated. Please message me for details. If you do make a donation please message me and I will...

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Welcome to our site!! After many many years selling on Etsy, Amazon and Ebay, we have now merged into one!!! It is all thanks to our wonderful customers!!! Thank you for all your support the last 7 years! Ashley and Justin!

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