Shipping Info

Shipping with Antique Alchemy
Average Shipping Costs:
Canada: Standard 18$
Rest of North America 25$
Worldwide 38$
All North American packages come with tracking and insurance.
Canada Post:
Please note very large items prices may vary.
PLEASE NOT, We are not responsible for VAT or Import. We will not accept returns based on this happening. Due to Fraud and Loss we no longer ship to Russia.
We print all shipping directly off Canada Post, this protects you as the buyer and us as the sellers, In the event that there is an issue with loss or damage it will be covered.
All NA packages come with the tracking number and insurance.
All items are shipped from Toronto Canada. We Ship Daily.
We ONLY charge actual cost of shipping based on weight and size. We ship with Canada Post.
If you have any questions or concerns or need us to double check a shipping price, please message us, we are always happy to help!
We recycle and try our best to stay green and use clean recycled boxes for shipping.
Smaller items that are sent in an envelope are all new envelopes as we purchase in bulk to keep cost down for our customers. If this is of concern, please email us, We are more then happy to purchase a new box and add a small handling charge.
We only charge actual cost based on weight and size. If we are over on our cost significantly we will refund the difference, no questions asked, We do not want to make a profit to get our items out to you ever, but mistakes can happen.